Angie - May 14


What is this blog about, exactly?  Well, it will lean, most of the time, toward discussion of foraging edibles such as weeds, berries, nuts, flowers, etc.  BUT, I like to garden as well, and if you saw me in “real life,” you’d probably guess I’d like to cook, too.  I have an appreciation for gourmet cooks and foods, but I tend to cook more like an old-timey southern woman.   Especially since I’m used to feeding an army (I have 7 children, though they’ve begun to grow up and move away).  My mother-in-law lives with us, too.  She’s 82 and has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s/Dementia (very hard to get a precise diagnosis).  There’s a lot of room for humor, or at least my attempts at humor.  If you’re bored, you can just come and read about the weirdo lady with the big family and rest assured that you are at least normal, or at least more so than I am.

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